We make mobile ads that are fun to watch.
"Airtraffic consistently blows us away with their creativity and quality of video ads. They've quickly become a go-to partner for many of our teams."
- Jim Cummings
Senior Art External Development Manager

What is Airtraffic?

Airtraffic is a mobile-first creative agency that specializes in UGC and motion graphics video ads. Founded in 2021, we create cost-effective ad creative tailored to TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and other popular ad channels. We power ad campaigns for Supercell, Zynga, Niantic, Crunchyroll, and more.

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"Airtraffic understands the needs of their customers and products. We value their creative, fresh thinking and solid executions!"
- Amanda Mullins
Performance Marketing Creative Director

UGC Video Ads

We script, cast, film, and edit hundreds of UGC video ads every month for brands like Pokémon GO, Hopper, and Star Wars: Hunters. We handle every step in the process, and we even operate our own UGC production studio in Southern California. Stop wasting time and money on UGC marketplaces and third-party casting agencies.

Motion Graphics

Let's create engaging motion graphics ads together! We pitch fun ideas inspired by your past campaign data, competitor research, and industry trends. Our team also supports localizations, voice overs, and in-house game capture.

Premium Video Production

Need something a little more polished than UGC? We provide broadcast-quality video production services for trailers, TV spots, and connected TV (CTV) video ads. We employ the same optimized techniques that we use for UGC to save you money, while shooting on Netflix approved cameras to make your ads beautiful.
"Airtraffic has been our secret weapon for UA creative success. They’ve helped us quickly scale campaigns for multiple games in the US and EU with high-performance video ads. It’s hard to find this combination of creativity, quality, speed, and flexibility in a creative partner. Airtraffic continues to impress us."
- Dave Gassoway
Director, Growth & Retention

Graphic Design

From banner ads to app store creative, our graphic design team can cover all your marketing creative needs. We design high-quality static mobile ads, social media content, email marketing designs, and more.

3D Video Ads

3D animation can elevate the quality of your performance and brand marketing campaigns. We provide 3D services that fit your budget, using your existing assets or sourcing new ones.

App Store Creative

Successful mobile game marketing teams frequently test their App Store and Play Store screenshots. We design unique, creative, and high quality app store creative to help you improve mobile storefront organic performance and paid conversion metrics.

Street Fighter: Duel

We produced hundreds of mobile video ads for Crunchyroll's Street Fighter: Duel from soft launch through worldwide. We focused primarily on UGC video ads for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Our creative strategy included character cosplay, 90's nostalgia, and even writing an original Street Fighter: Duel rap. Below are selected highlights.
Videos have been compressed for optimization and may contain artifacts not representative of original quality.
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"Airtraffic is one of the best UA creative agencies we've worked with. They've helped us produce cost-efficient mobile video ads, UGC ads, and even high-quality studio dev diaries."
- Colin Tong
Growth Marketing Lead
We've been told that working with Airtraffic is like having your own in-house creative team. Have a crazy idea to try? We'll make it happen. Have no idea what to do? We're ready with fresh ideas. Campaigns keep changing? We're used to it and we're flexible. Many of our clients refer us to other teams in their organization. They refer us to other clients as well. In fact, 80% of new business in 2022 came from unsolicited client referrals.
Yes! Most of the ads we produce - including what you see on our website - are brainstormed by our internal creative team. We develop and pitch thousands of ideas and scripts every year - it's half the fun! But, of course, we're always happy to take your ideas and bring them to life. We love a good challenge!
We offer unlimited editing revisions! (Yes, really!) This has been our policy since day one. Why? Because we used to be in the client seat, and we hated it when agencies would charge extra for revisions. Seriously, we do this out of spite. But it turns out our clients love it! Sometimes you're dealing with multiple reviewers, external licensors, you name it - there are too many cooks in the kitchen. No worries, we get it. Sometimes you're in a soft launch, and assets keep changing. Don't even sweat it. Sometimes you just change your mind, and that's okay! Whatever the situation, we understand that review processes can be unpredictable. As long as the requested revisions align with the original scope, we will keep making edits until you and your team are happy, even if it takes 6 months (and we say that from experience).
Yes. We always include up to 4 standard sizes for ad delivery (there's flexibility on these). If you need additional sizes for other channels, we are happy to provide those for a small additional fee. Resizes in the same aspect ratio are usually provided free of cost, depending on the circumstances.
Yes. We localize ads for many of our clients. We can work with translations provided by your team, or we can source them for you. AI translations can be provided free of cost, and human translations can be provided for a small fee. We can also reshoot UGC and live action videos with native speakers for most popular languages.
Of course. We usually produce videos using Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro, and static assets with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or sometimes Figma. Project files for static assets are always delivered. For video projects, we do charge a small additional fee for the labor involved in cleaning up, collecting, and delivering those projects.
Yep! Our team is very familiar with most popular project management tools, including Asana, Wrike, Notion, Jira, Trello, Monday, ClickUp and Focal. If you use something else, we'll be happy to learn!
For UGC video ads we typically work with non-influencer talent that we cast and hire directly. However, we do have the ability to work with influencers and have done so for several clients, including Zynga's Star Wars: Hunters. While we are not a traditional influencer agency, the process is near identical and well within our team's wheelhouse.
UGC ads are purposely produced to look like content you'd find organically on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and other popular social video apps. We usually film these with an iPhone and edit them with subtitles, jump cuts, and pop music. Premium video ads are much larger in scope and usually require larger casts, additional crew, and renting additional locations and equipment.
Yes! Our internal production team specializes in short-form UGC video ads. We hire talent directly from our own vetted network and film videos at our own studio space in San Diego, CA (or nearby locations depending on what the brief calls for). In some rare cases we will produce UGC videos remotely or via trusted external producers.
We do NOT use stock UGC footage. We always film original footage for your ad. We will only use stock videos if an ad concept calls for it and you approve of its use - like green screening an actor on top of Mount Everest.