3D Video Ads

Now you can easily and cost-effectively add stunning 3D ads to your UA creative mix.
Videos have been compressed for optimization and may contain artifacts not representative of original quality.

3D Mobile Ad Studio

Our talented animators use the latest and greatest tools, like Unreal Engine and Autodesk Maya, to produce dazzling 3D animations even if your assets are low quality. Best of all, our pipeline is fast at 3-4 weeks turnaround for a 30-second video.
"Airtraffic consistently blows us away with their creativity and quality. They've quickly become a go-to partner for many of our teams."
- Jim Cummings
Senior Art External Development Manager

Animation, Modeling, Sourcing

We support 3D animated ads even when you don't have 3D assets. Our team can source properly licensed assets - or even model our own - in order to bring your game or product to life in 3D. This is great for teams who don't have 3D assets but want to try the medium.

Easily Produce 3D Game Ads

Action? Sci-fi? Horror? We make 3D animated ads for all categories of video games. Our team loves getting creative and trying new things. Think you've got a challenge for us? We're ready to hear it!
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