Custom UGC ads

We produce UGC ads for some of the biggest mobile marketing teams in the world. We pitch the concepts, write the scripts, cast the talent, and shoot the videos. We don't rely on stock UGC footage or repurposed UGC libraries.

The best talent casting

Our team curates an internal database of talented and diverse actors. We don't rely on UGC marketplaces or third-party casting services. We work directly with our actors so you never have to worry about usage rights or licensing costs.

In-house production

Our internal video team specializes in UGC ad production. We film UGC ads at our own studio in San Diego, CA that we built specifically for UGC work. This gives us full control over the direction, performances, and any unique requests you might have.
"Airtraffic consistently blows us away with their creativity and quality of video ads. They've quickly become a go-to partner for many of our teams."
- Jim Cummings
Senior Art External Development Manager
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