In the dynamic world of digital advertising, knowing which apps your audience is using is crucial. As it stands now, even if they aren't posting, they're definitely looking, scrolling, and consuming short-form video content wherever they go - TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Reddit Watch, and so on. If you're not running UGC video ads, you're losing.

The digital landscape has shifted so much that traditional mobile ads have all but faded into the background on some of these social media apps. Enter UGC (User-Generated Content) video ads. These aren't your standard advertisements. They are friendly, entertaining, short, fun, and - most importantly - they look native in your feed. They represent authentic stories, experiences, and opinions from everyday individuals, making them resonate with viewers on a deeply personal level. UGC videos speak the language of the platform they're on and effortlessly blend in with the content users willingly consume.


A UGC video ad that Airtraffic produced for My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Gooble Gobble One of Us

For those marketers still on the fence about the efficacy of UGC, just take a look around. The biggest channels in the world are teeming with users who are consuming UGC videos on a vast array of topics at any given time. The message is crystal clear: If you're not incorporating UGC in your marketing strategy, you're missing out on tapping into this vast reservoir of engagement.

Not to mention, most user acquisition marketing teams are seeing huge results with UGC ads outside of the traditional UGC channels. In-app ads, for example, are showing promising performance with UGC. Why? It's simple: The user base is shifting. User-generated content is the hot thing right now - both in entertainment and advertising - so users are simply used to it. They expect it, they look for it, and they absorb it.


A UGC video ad that Airtraffic produced for Street Fighter: Duel

The Future of UGC Video Ads

History has shown that in the realm of digital marketing, trends have a life cycle. Today, UGC video ads are the dominant force, resonating with audiences in a manner that's unparalleled. However, like all trends, the pendulum will eventually swing back. As consumers grow accustomed to UGC and their preferences evolve, its impact may wane, making room for the next big thing in content marketing. While it's challenging to predict exactly what will dethrone UGC - perhaps 3D animation? - it's a given that the digital world will continue to evolve, innovate, and present new forms of content that captivate audiences in fresh ways.

Nevertheless, for the present moment, UGC remains the king of the hill, connecting brands with their audiences like never before. Brands should capitalize on its current dominance, while simultaneously keeping an eye on emerging trends, ensuring they are poised to pivot when the digital landscape inevitably shifts again.


A UGC video ad that Airtraffic produced for Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG

How Airtraffic's Clients Win with UGC

Airtraffic is redefining the rules of the game when it comes to UGC. Firstly, our affordability is unbeatable. We pride ourselves on offering UGC solutions at a cost significantly lower than all of our competitors without sacrificing quality or creativity. One of our key differentiators is our vast network of actors. By working directly with thousands of talents, we alleviate concerns regarding licensing or usage complications, offering a seamless experience from conception to execution. Moreover, with our in-house video team, we have full control over scripts and direction, ensuring your vision is realized to perfection. Our track record speaks for itself. Having produced thousands of UGC ads for a diverse clientele, Airtraffic boasts an impressive expertise, ensuring we're not just meeting expectations but consistently exceeding them.