In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, User-Generated Content (UGC) has emerged as a powerful force, transforming how brands engage with audiences. UGC's authenticity and relatability make it an invaluable tool in creating connections and driving conversions. In this dynamic domain, agencies like Airtraffic are redefining the standards of mobile marketing and app development with innovative UGC strategies.

UGC represents a shift from traditional, brand-centric advertising to a more user-focused approach. It leverages content created by real users – from reviews and testimonials to social media posts – offering a raw and genuine perspective. This authenticity resonates with audiences, fostering trust and enhancing brand loyalty.


UGC ad for Hay Day mobile game produced by Airtraffic

Creativity and Cost-Efficiency

Airtraffic stands out as a leader in UGC ad production, renowned for its creative excellence and cost-effective solutions.


Airtraffic’s approach to ad production is not only innovative but also economical. We save clients 20-60% on creative costs compared to similar agencies, offering sensible pricing without minimum spend requirements. This cost-effectiveness is a boon for brands looking to maximize their advertising budget without compromising on the quality of their campaigns.

Scalability of UGC

We have a dedicated UGC production team that works directly with actors and utilizes efficient production techniques to turn around hundreds of premium UGC ads every month. We help some of the biggest mobile game studios scale their UGC ads in user acquisition campaigns for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and other popular ad channels.

Creative Excellence

Airtraffic’s reputation for creativity is unparalleled. Trusted by major advertisers like Supercell, Niantic, and Zynga, our UGC experts craft scripts and concepts that are not only attention grabbings but also emotionally engaging. Our UGC production approach keeps us ahead of changing trends, ensuring our UGC ad ideas remain relevant and impactful.


UGC ad for Hickey dating app produced by Airtraffic

Data-Driven Strategies

Airtraffic brings a data-driven performance ethos to UGC production to help optimize ad creatives for more effective UA campaigns. We leverage successful strategies from your past campaigns, competitor research, and of own expert experience as a leading UGC agency.

The UGC landscape is continuously evolving, with technology playing an increasingly significant role. The use of AI, filters, TTS, and other digital tools in creating better UGC ads is always popular. Airtraffic continues to explore new and supporting technologies like AI, while remembering that UGC production will always require a human touch. We use these exciting technologies to make our UGC production pipelines more efficient, allowing us more time to ensure each UGC ad feels genuine and authentic.

Ready for UGC?

The growing importance of UGC in mobile marketing cannot be overstated. Airtraffic, with our cost-effective, scalable, and creatively superior approaches, is at the forefront of this revolution. Are your campaigns ready? Don't let your competitors get ahead.