When it comes to UGC mobile ads, TikTok takes the lead by far. But it may feel a little saturated from time to time for users and for marketers, and your users might not use TikTok. But you've invested in high-performance UGC ad creative, so where else can you use it?

Instagram: This one's obvious. TikTok video are often reposted as Reels on Instagram, but the user base skews a little older. Running your UGC mobile video ads on Instagram could help you tap into new inventory and audience with the same creative assets.

YouTube: Another obvious one. YouTube and UGC go hand-in-hand, even before they added Shorts. YouTube is a prime platform for UGC mobile ads. They fit right in with all the other live action video content, meaning UGC often outperforms traditional motion video ads on YouTube.

Snapchat: A lot of UA teams skip over Snapchat, but you might be sleeping on valuable inventory. With its user-driven content and video-first ad placements, Snapchat can be a perfect fit for UGC mobile ads.

Pinterest: Whether it's higher costs, a poor audience fit, or something else, many mobile marketers don't include Pinterest in their marketing mix. However, Pinterest can be a great platform for UGC ads. A lot of Pinterest content is already user-generated. And you might find their user demographics more diverse than you suspected.

While TikTok is a popular choice for UGC mobile ads, these other platforms offer great potential for brands seeking to stretch their UGC ads and increase their ROAS. By diversifying your advertising strategy, you can tap into the power of UGC across multiple channels, maximizing your reach, engagement, and conversions.