The content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram consists largely of user-generated content (UGC). In turn, digital marketers and brands have learned that UGC mobile gaming ads outperform traditional ads on these platforms.

How Do UGC Mobile Gaming Ads Improve Performance

In digital marketing, you should always be bold in changing your methods. UGC mobile gaming ads can improve the performance of your mobile gaming ads. How?

Users want authenticity. Traditional ads don’t always offer that. Simply put, they’re another advertisement in a sea of many. With UGC ads, players are now convinced to try something based on how much fun their favorite YouTuber has when playing the game.

These ads improve your campaign performance because they get conversions. UGC ads are proven to hold the attention of users more than traditional ads because they fit with the organic content on popular channels. If you're watching selfie videos and suddenly a gameplay ad pops up, your brain immediately recognizes something is different.

An example UGC mobile gaming ad produced by Airtraffic

Why Should You Use UGC Ad Agencies?

Working with brands who operate on social media platforms, a UGC ad agency knows what works and what doesn’t. They’ll collaborate with you on your UGC ad campaigns. By understanding the landscape, they can assist you with targeting untapped users. In turn, that’ll lead to better UA performance for your mobile gaming brand.

A UGC ad agency also partners directly with actors and creators, helping keep production costs lower than traditional video advertising. This means you can spend more budget on your campaigns, leading to higher ROAS.

By partnering with a UGC ad agency or a UGC production company that knows what they're doing, you can expect a streamlined, cost-effective ad production process. UGC can reach a wider audience than traditional ads on UGC-centric channels. They catch the attention of those viewers while triggering stronger emotions than traditional ads do. This leads to more clicks, lower CPIs, and better IPMs.

Winning TikTok UA with UGC Creatives

TikTok is a great platform for reaching new users, and mobile games perform really well on TikTok. Ad creatives that show short snippets of your game alongside actors or other UGC ad elements will likely perform well on TikTok.

Here are some ways to implement UGC strategies into your TikTok ads:

  • Make your ad look like a Twitch clip
  • Create TikTok style reaction videos
  • Use meme-like editing tactics
An example UGC mobile gaming ad produced by Airtraffic

Audiences on TikTok are used to seeing these types of videos. Streamers, humor, reactions, and more. Leverage popular trends and content formats for your ads.

UGC Ads Are Here To Stay

More and more digital marketers are realizing that UGC ads are here to stay. They provide better performance on popular channels like TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. And working with a proper UGC agency can mean cheaper production costs which means scaling UGC ads in your UA campaigns.

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