User-Generated Content (UGC) is the new frontier in digital advertising, where brands leverage content created by consumers and/or creators to promote their products and services. UGC video ads have emerged as a powerful tool for brands to connect with their target audience in an authentic and engaging manner. However, integrating UGC into a brand's marketing strategy is not without its challenges. In this article, we will explore the obstacles that brands face when creating UGC video ads and discuss strategies to overcome them.


Maintaining Brand Consistency

One of the primary challenges in creating UGC video ads is maintaining brand consistency. With various creators producing content, it can be difficult to ensure that the brand's message, tone, and visual identity remain cohesive across all UGC ads. To tackle this issue, brands can work closely with a UGC ad agency that specializes in creating high-quality user-generated content. These agencies can help brands develop a set of guidelines and reference materials for UGC creators, ensuring that the content aligns with the brand's values and aesthetic.

Quality Control

Another challenge that brands face is maintaining high-quality standards for their UGC video ads. Since UGC creators often have varying levels of expertise and equipment, the quality of the content can be inconsistent. To address this issue, brands can again work with a UGC video agency to help provide support and guidance to creators. These agencies can help with post-production as well, ensuring that the final product meets the brand's quality standards.


UGC video ads can sometimes lead to copyright and legal issues if the content features unauthorized materials, such as music, images, or footage from other sources. To avoid potential legal complications, a UGC agency can reduce liability and provide guidance on copyright laws and intellectual property rights to creators. At Airtraffic, not only do we ensure your deliverables are free of any infringements, we also ensure your full ownership of delivered UGC assets without any usage limitations.

Ensuring Authenticity

A major appeal of UGC video ads is their authentic and relatable nature, which helps build trust with the target audience. However, if a brand's UGC video ads appear overly staged or scripted, they may lose their authenticity and fail to resonate with viewers. To maintain authenticity, brands can collaborate with a UGC creator who has a genuine connection to or interest in the product or service being promoted. Alternatively, a UGC agency can work with talented actors who know how to convey authenticity even if they don't have a connection the product.

Evaluating Success and Iterating

UGC success should be measured the same as any other campaign creatives. However, marketers should understand that UGC can perform very differently across different channels. Your UGC ad might work on TikTok but flop on YouTube. Reasons for success and failure can range from concept to talent to performance. If your UGC ad fails, don't write off UGC yet. Try a different concept, or different talent that better aligns with the channel audience.


While UGC video ads offer an exciting opportunity for brands to connect with their target audience in a more authentic and engaging way, they also present a unique set of challenges. By working with a UGC agency, brands can smoothly navigate these obstacles and create high-quality, impactful ad creative that resonates with viewers. Overcoming these challenges will enable brands to harness the full potential of UGC video ads and unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the digital age.