What are UGC video ads?

User-Generated Content (UGC) video ads mirror the authenticity and style of content typically found on user-driven platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. This approach contrasts sharply with the highly polished and professionally produced advertisements familiar in traditional television marketing. Originally, UGC referred to genuinely user-created materials, but it has evolved into a distinct and popular advertising format in its own right, especially with the popularity of short-form video apps. This style capitalizes on the organic, relatable feeling that resonates with audiences on social media channels.

Airtraffic is a leading producer of UGC video ads.

UGC video ads are highly authentic and relatable. They're crafted to look authentic and user-made, which gives the advertisement a more trustworthy appeal to audiences. This authenticity is crucial in an era where consumers are increasingly skeptical of traditional advertising.

These ads often have lower production costs and can be produced quickly and at scale. Marketing teams can save on the expenses typically associated with professional video production. Airtraffic saves its clients up to 60% on average compared to other UGC agencies.

Ensuring brand consistency and message alignment in UGC can be tricky since the content relies strongly on authenticity. The addition of brand elements to a UGC video ad may actually have a negative effect on its performance. Brands also need to understand and navigate the legal aspects that can arise with UGC, such as the copyright of popular memes or trending audio.

In summary, UGC video ads represent a shift towards more authentic, cost-effective, and engaging advertising. They look more native on channels like TikTok, and they can create a more trustworthy and relatable brand image. Below are a few UGC ad examples produced by Airtraffic.


UGC video ad for Pokémon GO produced by Airtraffic


UGC video ad for Hopper produced by Airtraffic


UGC video ad for Eminence in Shadow produced by Airtraffic


UGC video ad for NBA All World produced by Airtraffic