ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

Analyzing ROAS helps app marketers decide where to allocate budget and identify profitable campaigns. It measures the revenue earned compared to the budget spent on campaigns, expressed as a ratio.


Mobile Ad Monetization

Mobile ad monetization involves generating revenue through advertising. It may sound very simple but maximizing ad monetization can be a challenge.


Call To Action (CTA)

CTAs are designed to encourage viewers to take a specific action like downloading an app, making a purchase, or seeking more information.


UGC Video Ads

UGC video ads are highly authentic and relatable. They're crafted to look authentic and user-made, which gives the advertisement a more trustworthy appeal to audiences. This authenticity is crucial in an era where consumers are increasingly skeptical of traditional advertising.


Ad Network

The expansion of this definition includes the role of ad networks in optimizing the match between advertisers and the most relevant ad spaces, ensuring that ads reach the intended audience effectively.


Creative A/B Testing

It allows marketers to fine-tune their ad creative based on real data, ensuring that the most engaging and persuasive elements are identified.

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