Looking to produce UGC video ads for your language learning app? Here are 7 free concepts with natural-sounding TikTok-style scripts included! They were written in English, but can easily be adapted to other languages. Enjoy!

1. Street Interview

This ad is a man-on-the-street style interview, where 1 talent interviews another. These types of videos are super popular TikTok trends, including variations where the interviewer asks "truth or dare" or "double it and pass it on" style questions. Not only is the concept engaging, it's also a great format for a language learning app because the interviewee is an analogue for the viewer.


Example TikTok UGC video ad we produced for Hopper


  • Interviewer: How well do you know English?
  • Stranger: Pretty well I think.
  • Int: Would you like to test your pronunciation for $5?
  • Str: Yeah okay sure.
  • Int: Okay - Say this word. [holds up phone with the word “Library”]
  • Str: Liberry. [app shows it’s incorrect]
  • Int: I’m sorry that’s actually incorrect!
  • Str: Wait what? It’s not liberry?? How’s it pronounced?
  • [Interviewer taps on the phone and the app speaks the word correctly]
  • Str: Library? Oh my god I’ve been pronouncing it wrong this entire time?? What app is this?
  • Int: This is [app name], it’s a language coach designed to help you improve your pronunciation.
  • [show off the app on a phone, as well as full screen app footage]
  • Str: That’s really cool! I’m gonna download that!
  • Int: You should, it’s free!

2. Pronunciation Guessing Game

In this ad, a talent is seen picture-in-picture or green screened over the app. Different words or images are presented, and the talent tries to guess how they're pronounced. This mobile video ad concept taps into the popularity of reaction videos. We've seen success with similar ads we've produced for other apps.


Example TikTok UGC video ad we produced for Hopper


  • TTS: Can you pronounce this word correctly? [the word "Squirrel" is seen]
  • Talent: Squirrel.
  • TTS: Squirrel.
  • Tal: Nailed it.
  • TTS: Can you pronounce this word correctly? [the word "Asterisk" is seen]
  • Tal: Astrisk.
  • TTS: Asterisk.
  • Tal: Oh shoot I thought the E was silent?
  • TTS: Can you pronounce this word correctly? [the word "Epitome" is seen]
  • Tal: Umm, epy-tome?
  • TTS: Epitome.
  • Tal: Wait what? Epitome?
  • [cut away to app]
  • TTS: [app name] helps millions of users improve their pronunciation. Download [app] today, it’s free!

3. Testimonial

This UGC concept is a very genuine selfie-style testimonial where a talent talks about the app. The target language should not be the talent's first language since they talk about their own experience with the app. Testimonial style video ads are always a solid strategy for conveying your message with UGC ad content, and they can help create a performance baseline for other UGC ads.


Example TikTok UGC video ad we produced for Zynga's Words With Friends 2


Hey, come here, check this out. This app helps you correct your pronunciation so you can pass proficiency tests, improve your chances of getting a job, and have a better experience when traveling. I’ve been using [app] and my English is already soooo much better! My friends keep asking me how I did it. [App] uses fun games and interactive learning to make English easy. If you are trying to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation, you need to try [app] right now! It’s free!

4. Over The Top

There’s a trend of over-the-top UGC skits, usually in the mobile casino space, where the premise and editing is wildly attention grabbing but the message is still very clear. This mobile ad concept features 2 talent ordering lunch at a cafe: 1 is a native speaker, the other is learning. The non-native speaker corrects the native speaker’s pronunciation. The tone is tongue-in-cheek, humorous.


Example TikTok UGC video ad we produced for Zynga Poker


  • Native Speaker: The salmon [pronouncing the L] looks great. What are you ordering?
  • Non-Native Speaker: I think you mean “salmon” - the L is actually silent.
  • NS: Salmon? No way. I’ve been speaking English my entire life and I’m 100% sure it’s pronounced saLmon!
  • NNS: Here, ask [app]. [Holds up phone with app on it]
  • NS: “Salmon”
  • App: The correct pronunciation is “Salmon.”
  • NS: What?! How?? Is my entire life a lie?!!
  • NNS: In some languages, like Spanish, the L is pronounced. But it’s silent in English.
  • NS: I had no idea! What app is that?? What else have I been mispronouncing??
  • ESL: It’s called [app]. It’s a new language learning app that specializes in vocabulary and pronunciation. It helps people improve their English to pass proficiency tests, get better jobs, and place the correct lunch order. It’s free, you should download it!

5. Green Screen

This ad features a talent green screened on top of the app, talking about its features as they appear behind them. This is a popular format for videos on TikTok and Instagram, and a great way to demo your product with an on-screen talent.


Example TikTok UGC video ad we produced for Hopper app


Do you want to improve your English? Especially your pronunciation? This is [app]. [App] uses artificial intelligence to help you improve your pronunciation. It’s trusted by millions of learners all over the world. [App] can help you prepare for traveling to another country, or help you advance your career. Test your pronunciation, practice with thousands of lessons, play fun language games, compare your voice to a native speaker, and become bilingual before you know it. Download [app] today and start improving your English skills. It’s free!

6. My Friend

This ad features 2 talent both filming selfie-style. One is speaking to the viewer while the other responds to them.


Example TikTok UGC video ad we produced for Supercell's Hay Day


  • Friend 1: My friend just recommended this app called [parody of app name]??
  • Friend 2: It’s called [app] and it helps improve your English skills!
  • F1: I don’t know, I feel like my English is pretty good.
  • F2: That’s what I thought too. Then I started using [app] and now people are so impressed by my English! I was able to get a better job AND I just passed my proficiency exam!
  • F1: Let’s check this out… [cut to app briefly, then back to talent] Hey this looks really helpful! I can test my pronunciation and compare it to native speakers!
  • F2: Yep! And best of all, it’s free! You can start improving your English right now!
  • F2 (VO): Download [app] right now and start your journey to learn and speak English more confidently.

7. Podcast Clip

This ad is designed to look like a clip from a video podcast. Podcast clips are a popular content trend on TikTok and Instagram. Talent 1 is a native speaker and talent 2 is not. The tone is casual and conversational.


Example TikTok UGC video ad we produced for Crunchyroll's Street Fighter: Duel


  • Talent 1: So I just passed my English proficiency exam.
  • Talent 2: Dude that’s great! Congratulations!
  • T1: Thank you. I thought for sure I was going to fail it.
  • T2: Oh I bet. English is brutal sometimes.
  • T1: I started using this app called [app] about a month ago. It uses artificial intelligence to help you improve your pronunciation.
  • T2: Really? Man AI is so crazy right now.
  • T1: The AI analyzes your voice and compares it to native speakers. It’s wild.
  • T2: I gotta see this. [takes out phone to download]
  • T1: You play these language games so it’s actually fun to learn.
  • T2: [testing the app] “Int'resting” …Oh wow look at that! I guess I don’t really say the first E correctly, my pronunciation was only 96% accurate!
  • T2: See what I mean? It’s so good!
  • T1: And it’s free?
  • T2: It’s free! [to camera] All my ESL brothers and sisters out there, you can start improving your English right now for free. Download [app] today!

If you liked these ideas and scripts, feel free to use them yourself! Or contact us about how we can make great UGC video ads for your app, game, or product.